Saturday, June 2, 2018

Saturday Matinee - That Old Car

He had been driving for hours and he was still so far from home....
How could these hicks stand living out here???? Everything was a hundred miles from everything else!!!!
Farms and trees....cows and horses....sometimes some sheep....he was pretty sure he'd taken a wrong turn somewhere but where? He'd stop and ask the next person he saw but god knows when that might be...
The road narrowed and the pavement gave way to hard packed dirt and still he saw no one....even worse the day was creeping by and he was getting really worried about being caught out here in this god forsaken wilderness after dark!!!!
To be honest he spotted the little girl first but then he saw the car she was leaning on....sure it was a rusted old wreck but it was the same as his first car....god how he'd loved that car...suddenly he wondered if maybe he could buy it.....he could get it would be great to cruise around in it again...just like the old days!!!!
He slowed to a stop and got out of his car.....the girl smiled at him. As he got near he realized she wasn't as little as he'd thought she was....underneath that little girls dress there were some curves and she had great legs too....
"Hi there....I was just driving by and I saw this old car....I was you know who owns it?"
"Oh this car Daddy owns this car...." her husky voice was very attractive!!!
"Your....Daddy you you think he'd sell it?"
"Oh no....Daddy promised it to me!!!"
"Well maybe you'd be interested in selling it...I'll pay cash!"
"Cash is nice....maybe I could get a pretty new dress...."
"Well I think that dress you're wearing now is really pretty...."
She smiled shyly...
"You think I'm pretty...."
"Very pretty in fact I think maybe you and I could get to know each other better..."
"But you're only interested in the car..."
He moved closer to her and slipped an arm around her....
"Well I'm interested in you too....I don't meet too many pretty girls out in the middle of nowhere like this!"
"Well if you want we long as you promised not to tell my Daddy!"
He was grinning from ear to ear....this was just working out so well....
"Of course I wouldn't tell your Daddy....I wouldn't tell anyone!!!!"
"And you can't go up under my dress....that's only going to be for my husband!"
"I understand...."
She sank to her knees as she reached for his belt and looked up into his eyes....
"I'm so glad you came here today and stopped to see me...."
"Me too Sweetheart!"
Later when he caught his breath he asked her where her Daddy might be so he could make an offer on the car...
"You just go on straight for about a mile or so and ask fir John O'Malley at the filling tell them his daughter sent you and they'll get you pointed in the right direction!"
"OK, can I give you a ride into town..."
"No thanks, I'll just hang about here for a while..."
"OK then....maybe I'll see you again....thanks....for everything!!!"
She slowly licked her lips and smiled....
"No....thank you!!
He watched her in the mirror as he drove down the dirt road  until he rounded a bend and could see her no more...
Just as she had told him there was a small town not far from where he'd left her and he pulled into the service station. The attendant was quick and attentive and soon he had a full tank of gas and a squeaky clean windshield, he paid him and even gave him an extra dollar which earned him an extra "Thank you, come again!".
"Say, you probably know everyone around here I'm sure?"
"Yes Sir I guess so..."
"Can you direct me to a Mr. John O'Malley I'd like to talk to him about a car he owns?"
The attendant didn't answer right away....
"Can you tell me where John O'Malley is or not?"
"Oh yes Sir I know right where he is this very minute!"
"Wonderful, can you give me directions?"
"He's in the graveyard just up the road a piece!"
"Oh? Does he work there?"
"No Sir, he's buried there!"
"Buried there....I don't understand...."
"Yes Sir, he was executed up at the state prison maybe 15 years ago and they shipped his body home and the town buried him up there...."
"I don't understand I was just talking to his daughter...."
"Old man O'Malley didn't have no daughters he only had the one son....and when he caught his boy out in his old car wearing a pretty party dress with his head down in the Jenkins boys lap he just gave him both barrels....killed them both....biggest scandal we ever had in this town....."
He didn't know what to say...he'd go back....maybe he'd gotten the name wrong....that must be it....
He got some directions and realized he'd have to backtrack more than thirty miles to get back onto the main road that he had somehow missed, thanked the attendant with another dollar tip and headed back the way he had come.
He rounded the bend and the car was there but the girl was nowhere in sight....
He pulled over and walked slowly to the car as he looked around....
When he reached the car he saw things he hadn't seen before....the shattered glass....the small buckshot holes and the stains that covered the front seats....stains that could only have been blood!!!
He hurried back to his car....his heart beating fast....he had to get out of here....none of this could be happening.....and he put his foot on the gas and sped away!!!!
Taking one last look back in his mirror....she was there....waving and blowing him a kiss....he gave the car more gas and rounded a bend and he could see her no more...

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