Saturday, June 23, 2018

Saturday Matinee - Deal With The Devil

He cried into his pillow.....
She had caught him in her things....again!!!! She laid down the law to was either he stop....or she was going back home to her parents....for good!
It was so unfair....why couldn't she understand....he would give anything if she would just accept this part of him.....anything!!!!
There was a strange buzz in the grew louder and louder....he looked at his wife sleeping peacefully as the noise grew as loud as a jetliner taking off!!!! He covered his ears as he felt the room begin to shake and then it appeared next to amorphous shape that gradually formed into the shape of a man....but surely not any man that had ever walked on this earth....his greenish skin was only the most inhuman thing but his features were somehow just wrong!!!!
The apparition grinned at's teeth sharp, like an animals....
He turned to look at his wife and was astounded that she still slept as this thing had invaded their bedroom....
"She can't hear or see me if that's what you're wondering I'm here just to have a talk with you Christopher!" The creatures voice was soft and soothing.
"Who....what are you? How did you know my name?"
"Oh I've been watching you for a long time Christopher.....I know all about you....all your desires.....ever since you were seven and you looked in that laundry hamper...."
"Oh my could it be?"
"Well god has very little to do with it Chrissy.....may I call you Chrissy.....isn't that what you'd like people to call you?"
"I've never told that to anyone!!!! How do you know that!!!!"
"Oh I know all about you Chrissy.....and I'm here to offer you a deal.....I can give you what you want.....I can make Chrissy real.....for just a small price...."
"Oh I get it, you're some kind of devil and I'll have to sell you my soul...."
"Oh Chrissy you're so old fashioned.....I want something much nicer than that....I want you to help me recruit other men to allow me to help them live out their dreams.....and when I've gotten the ten men I want I'll give you the last treatment and you can be Chrissy forever...."
"What about my wife...."
"Obviously I'll have to adjust her mind a little but I guarantee that she'll be fully supportive!"
"And I can be Chrissy....for real? Forever?"
"That's the deal sweet little Chrissy?"
"What do I have to do?"
"Just allow me to inject you with this little potion and the change will begin almost immediately!"
"That's all?"
"You'll need 9 more injections to make it complete but yes....that's all!!!"
"Let's do it!"
The greenish hand grabbed his arm and injected the glowing red formula.....he was instantly woozy and fell back onto the bed.....the green demon held up a small mirror for him to see.....
"Look Chrissy....look in the mirror and see what you're feminine....just wait till you're in the arms of a man twirling around the dance floor like a ballerina!"
"I....can't wait....." then blackness overcame him.

"Is he out...."
"Yes Darling he's out....that's the most powerful hypnotic drug on the market and he's got ten times the dosage in him that they recommend!"
"Is that safe? If I wanted to kill him I'd have just hired a hitman...."
"No Darling....your husband is on his way to becoming his dreamgirl....after a few more injections there will be no more Christopher....just Chrissy....and we can have her do anything we want...."
"Oh this will be so much fun....."
"How did you know all that stuff about him.....he obviously thought it was a secret?"
"The sap talks in his's where i got the idea for all this....that and the money....the only way I could get it all was if he was declared mentally incompetent, if I divorced him I got nothing and if he died I only got ten percent...."
"How much did you say he's worth?"
"Millions and after I have him declared insane it will all be mine!!!!"
"Ours you mean...."
"Of course....ours....why don't you get some of that green stuff off and join me?"
She pulled back the covers....
"Why not he'll be out for hours.....and then we'll have to start teaching him to be Chrissy....he has a lot to learn...."
"Yes but first...."
And they laughed as he slipped into her bed......while Chrissy dreamed wonderful dreams next to them.....happy at last!!!!

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