Sunday, June 24, 2018

Sunday Brunch

"I must say, I quite envy you!!! It must be wonderful to have a maid to see to all your needs...
"Oh it is such a help and it frees my days so that I can indulge myself in whatever I please!!!"
"It sounds heavenly....I don't know what I'd do if I had all that free time...."
"Well you could start by "doing" that pool boy of yours...."
"Oh my you are so bad.....although he is quite the man isn't he....but it's neither here nor husband told me we couldn't afford a maid so that's that!"
"Oh is that all....Darling my husband told me the same thing but as you can see we've found a way to make it work!"
"I don't see how I could...."
"Silly....take a closer look.... my husband is my maid....."
"Oh my goodness that is him isn't it....but how did you....."
"Let me explain it all to you so you can have your own maid as well....and the pool boy too"

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