Monday, October 8, 2018

Monday ManCandy

Sure it's Monday and is there anyone who really likes Mondays? Another week stretching out in front of you, it seems almost need that boost to get you going.....that burst of flavor to enjoy through the day....that warm little glow in your need the warm breakfast treat that you crave....not just on need it every day!!!!
ManCandy!!! Turn that frown upside down!!!!


  1. Mujeres Chapin buscan hombres con Vergas grandes para mamar la noche entera! Cuando creas que ya acabamos, pues no! Aun te vamos a sacar brillo y mamarte hasta que te salga la Sangre pues. Y tambien si gustan mamadas los Brasileiros queremos sacar Mucha Leite Fresca!

    Si gustas te pones en contacto con nosotras y despues hacemos unas papusas para la merienda pues.

    Ciao y te esperamos :)

  2. Man candy? never heard that before! But I totally know what it is! Don't ask me how, no, go ahead and ask. I have a few good stories, not as many as I would like ....

    1. I honestly don't remember where the phrase comes from but I thought it was perfect then and I still do!!!