Thursday, October 11, 2018

What Could I Do

When we got back to the locker room my friend asked me....
"So when did you start wearing panties?"
"After my wife found them under the seat in my car....what else could I do?"
"Oh I see....yeah I guess...."
A few moments later my friend asked me....
"So what's with the bra?"
"Yeah....she found the bra in the back seat of my car....what else could I do?"
"Uh huh I can maybe see that.....but what about that red dress in your locker?"
"Now that one I found that little boutique on Orchard Street....I mean, I was already wearing the bra and panties what else could I do!!!"


  1. bra and panties = requires sexy dress. The math is unescapable. btw, where exactly is this locker room? I really want to visit!