Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Hump Day

It's been a tough week....the hard work just hasn't stopped!!!!
But it's Hump Day and you need a break....shut your brain off for a while and just let it'll feel better afterward!!!!


  1. I love hump day and this morning was very special. I was up early making breakfast for my wife when I heard her coming down the hall towards the kitchen. I looked and she was naked with her strap on secured tightly. She grabbed me by my ear took me to the table and told me to bend over for a good pegging. She got me good then when she finished she told me her and her lover was going to skip work today and come over to fuck and told me I was to be in the guest room and stay there until I was told to come out. Around noon I got a text telling me they were going out for lunch then to her lovers place to fuck more. After they left I was free to leave the guest room. I don't expect her home until late tonight.

  2. oh, I think the 'hard' work has just started! Love your blog, btw!