Thursday, October 11, 2018

Like A little Girl

She was as excited as a little girl waiting for a new dress!!!!
"He'll be here soon Sissy....are you sure you're ready?"
"Yes Ma'am....I'm ready!!!!"
"Say it Sissy....I want to hear it...."
"I'm ready to suck your lovers cock for you Ma'am!!!!"
"Oh I love that .....I can't wait for him to get here.....say it again Sissy...."
"I want to suck his big hard cock while you watch Ma'am!!!"
"Oh god where is he.....I can't wait much longer!!!!"


  1. So, here's the problem, what if he likes the sissy sucking his cock more than he likes her sucking cock? Some sissies are quite adept at sucking cock! I've been told I'm pretty good myself ;)

    1. I've also been complemented on my cocksucking techniques over the years and I really don't think she minds if they like my mouth better because I'm just the opening act and she is the star of the show!!!!