Friday, October 12, 2018

Who Would Have Thought

She said to get chocolate chip cookies....
She likes the "Chips Ahoy" brand....
I figured it would be easy.....humiliating of course....but easy....
Who knew that there were so many varieties???
I don't want to think about the spanking I'll get if I bring home the wrong one!!!!
She's not answering my I'll have to guess and hope I get it least it takes my mind off the smirking teen aged girl at the cash register!!!!


  1. Face it, dear, there is no right one, you're getting spanked regardless . . . and she knew the options would make you hesitate, prolonging the embarrassment.

  2. Knowing that you are in chastity, I am guessing that "soft" is definitely off the table!

    You might want to bring home the "darkest" version they have!