Wednesday, October 24, 2018

A Good Sissy Maid

A good Sissy maid notices these things....I was pulling her laces so tight it was very unlikely that she'd be taking this off until she came home!!!!
She had a beautiful figure even before I started tightening the corset but she assured me she wanted it tight....
Then I noticed that her panties were under her garters and if her date went right she'd have to undo her stockings to get them down!!!
But I know her well enough to know that she has a reason for everything she does....and if she went on a date where she couldn't take her panties off that meant that me....wasn't getting inside her tonight!!!!
I was a little disappointed that I wouldn't get a creamy treat when she came home....but that was OK as long as I got to crawl between her beautiful thighs and enjoy her unique flavor....

1 comment:

  1. My wife always wears her panties over her garters IF she wears panties at all. She likes the easy access.

    I am required to wear my panties under my garters so there is no easy access.