Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Home on the Range

Way out west on our ranch there's 40 miles between us and the nearest neighbor...and lord knows his two daughters sure are pretty!!!! But there's only the two of them within a days ride and they're good girls, both of them looking for husbands....or at least a ring on their finger before anyone gets under those calico skirts!!!!
The hands here get a little jumpy after a while....
Pa said, seeing as I wasn't big enough or strong enough or man enough to do a mans job here, that my job was to keep the boys happy in any way I could!
So every morning I set out in the old truck to the most desolate corners of our ranch to spread a little happiness!!!
I'd park the truck. toot the horn and hop up on the flatbed and see to it that the hired men were all completely satisfied in any way they liked.....I felt bad for my brothers because they couldn't join in....after all that would have been wrong....but if one or two of them snuck into my room after the lights were out....well I wouldn't ever tell!!!!

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