Monday, February 4, 2019

Monday ManCandy

The party's over and you've got to face the week!!!!
There were so many cocktails....soooo many....but that's not the worst of it, is it?
It was the many different kinds of food including some you've never heard of before....
And what was that taste in your mouth?
Honestly, after brushing your teeth and using liberal amounts of mouth wash it was still there and just as unpleasant as it was when you first opened your eyes....
You need to do something because you're never going to recover from the party if you can still taste the party!!!!
Thankfully you can turn to your faithful friend.....your creamy, trusted friend....letting it fill your mouth with a new flavor....a better flavor....the best flavor....overwhelming whatever came before....and giving you that energy boost is just a bonus....
At least now people won't recoil at your breath....most will probably just give you a knowing smile and a thumbs up!!!
ManCandy!!!! The wonderful flavor that lingers all day!!!


  1. The best part of a superbowl party is taking care of guests at halftime . . . and inviting them to fill your own superbowl! :)