Saturday, February 23, 2019

Saturday Matinee - Godfather V

"I feel bad for him Godfather..."
"He betrayed the Family and he must be hurts me to see him like this but you know the only other option is...."
"But must it be with only black men....somehow I think that's worse...."
"Yes....he will be a whore for black is worse....but it will match his black heart!!!"
"Godfather!!!! He's your own brother...."
"I was thinking of having him shot out on the lake but somehow I think this is better....not only will she keep our black clients satisfied but she will report to us anything she hears while she's making them happy!!!!"
"But Godfather.....your own could you...."
"Honestly, he agreed to this....I told him what his options were...."
"But Godfather....."
"Basically I made him an offer he couldn't refuse....if he wanted to live!!!!"
"But Godfather....what kind of life is that?"
"It's the same kind of life you'll have if you keep questioning my decisions!!!!"
"Yes Godfather, shall I bring in the next man...."
The Godfather sighed as he watched his brother doing his best to satisfy the black man....
"No....get them out of here....I can't stand to see it....a real man would have chosen the bullet!!!"


  1. That is the best way to get a good Semen Feeding. On your knees.

  2. Written exactly the way it should have been! Something tells me his brother has disappointed him before somehow!