Monday, February 25, 2019

So Careful

"Do you remember her Sissy....she certainly remembers you?"
"I'm not sure Ma'am...."
"This is were flaunting your panties at her at the you remember now?"
"Yes Ma'am!"
"Oh look Becky, he's blushing!"
"He looks so much cuter like this...."
"He's been a perfect Sissy.....have you ever had a perfect Sissy?"
"No I haven't but I love the whole idea!!!!"
"It is fun....Sissy maids are the best maids!!!!"


  1. Seriously being dressed as a Housemaid on your knees in front of you wife and her girlfriend with be so perfect. I would love my wife to make me do it. Even better being dressed and on my knees at her girlfriends house just before I clean her house and do all her housework. I would love it!

    1. Being exposed to anyone was my ultimate nightmare once....god how I squirmed when she first exposed me to a man....but when she exposed me to one of her girlfriends it was just so much more humiliating!!!
      Women have a gift that allows them to take down a sissy....something men don't have....a man can make you suck his cock....and humiliate you that way.....a woman can talk to you about how it feels to be a cocksucker and it humiliates you so much more!!!!
      At least that's how it works for me....