Saturday, February 9, 2019

Saturday Matinee - Regrets

"You're right....I had no right to do this to you....make you a woman....enslave you...I'm sorry....I'm so sorry!!!!"
"Yeah so what!!!! I want to be me again!!!! I want to be Jerry Taylor again....I don't want any of this....I don't want to be a woman....I don't want to crave sex with just saying you're sorry isn't going to make any of this better!!!"
"Of course....I thought...when you changed that maybe....maybe your mind would change too....I was wrong to even try this.....I was so wrong to use you like I have used was was the worst thing I've ever done!!!!"
"Well....I have to admit....that it really wasn't all know there was a couple of times where I kind of enjoyed it...."
"But I'm a monster!!!! I stole everything from you....and you must have been a good person because your friend Callahan is still searching for you...."
"Good old Harry.....maybe if he found me we could go away together and we could...."
"You's happening....your mind IS changing.....I have to undo this before it's too late!!!!"
"Undo this??? You can change me back!!!!"
"Yes, I've made an took all of my resources to create it and I've only got the one dose left after I tested it.....but you deserve your life back...."
"You mean I'll be a man again? I won't be pretty....I won't want to have sex all the time....maybe we shouldn't be so hasty.....maybe things aren't as bad as they seem!!!"
Outside the door Callahan listened to the exchange carefully....taking in all the information....the reason he had so much trouble tracking his friend Jerry was that this bastard had turned him into some kind of bimbo slut!!! And now Jerry's mind was starting to accept this as the way he wanted to be!!! This....this mad scientist had one last chance to change him back, he had to act now!!!!
He burst through the door catching them both by surprise and in a single blow sent the scientist reeling and the hypodermic flying through the air!!!!
As if in slow motion the three of them watched it cartwheeling through the air only to smash into the's precious fluid ruined....the antidote lost!!!!
The scientist moaned in his pain and guilty misery as he watched his chance to redeem himself seep down into the wooden floorboards....
"Oh Harry!!!! I'm so glad you got here in time!!! You wouldn't believe what that man was about to do to me!!!!"
Callahan scooped her up in his arms...
"Don't worry Baby!!! You're safe with me now....let's get you out of here!!!"
"Do you think we might have time know...."
"Jerry Baby.....there's always going to be time for that!!!!"
On the floor the Scientists moans were soon drowned out by their much, much louder moans!!!!

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