Sunday, August 30, 2015

Have You Ever?

"Have you ever heard about cuckolds?"
"No what's that?
"Husbands who like their wives to fuck other men!"
"Really! No I never heard of that!"
"What about sissies, you've surely heard of them!"
"Oh yeah! There's a couple of Sissy boys around here..."
"Well in about two minutes my sissy cuckold husband is going to come down those stairs, in his prettiest lingerie, and he's going to kneel down and ask you to let him suck your cock!!! Do you have any problems with that?"
"Well I don't know.... "
"Did I mention that you get to fuck me after he gets you hard?"
"Okay when do we start...."


  1. I would love to be all sissified at the top of the stairs and hear my wife tell her lover these words

  2. He doesn't take much persuasion does he...can't blame him. She's so hot