Saturday, August 29, 2015

My Analyst Was With Another Patient

"Hi I'm here for my appointment with Doctor Mentia!"
"Oh yes, you're Sissy Kaaren! She's with another patient but she told me to send you right in!"
When I opened the door I could tell that Dr. Mentia was deep into a session with the patient! I couldn't help but listen,,,besides he was pretty cute in his pink panties!
"And do you still feel the need to wear women's panties?"
"Yes Doctor I do, I want to wear them all the time!!!"
"And what about this fantasy of yours? Is it still on your mind?"
"You mean the one where I'm on my knees, wearing pink panties and licking a sissy's asshole until she cums!"
"Yes that one!!!"
"It's still what I dream of every day!!!"
"Alright then! We still have a lot of work to do! I'll see you next week...make an appointment with Stacy! Now Kaaren let's review where we are..."
"Oh sorry Dr. Mentia! Something's suddenly come up and I'll have to reschedule!!!!"
"I'll still have to charge you for the session Sissy!"
"Okay, I really have to go now!!!!"
"If you miss him in the elevator just ask Stacy and she'll give you his address!"
"Thank you, I'll see you next week, I promise!!!"


  1. What a gorgeous portrait... really says "Owned" ! :) sara e

  2. Wait! I don't get a finder's fee? Sheesh! Then again, that would make me a Madame, wouldn't it? Oh well, I still want my finder's fee!

    1. Maybe we can work it out in trade at my next session!!!!