Sunday, August 23, 2015

Open Doors

He wanted privacy as he fucked my wife! He didn't want me to fluff him! he didn't want me in the room!
She ordered me to go to my room and remain there until she called for me but I noticed that she left her door open when they went in! She knows me so well!
She took him on the floor instead of the bed! On the bed he'd have been facing the door!!! She saw me watching and smiled as she lowered herself onto him! I got to watch and slipped away to my room as she rolled off of him!
Later, as he slept, she came to my room with a nice creamy treat for me!!!!


  1. You have such a vivid imagination for drawing a story out of a picture, but something tells me that perhaps this is more from the real life adventures of Sissy Kaaren!

    1. Sometimes she is nice enough to leave the door open for me.....I guess we can add voyeurism to my list of fetishes!!!! But when this is real it's just so damned hot!!!