Thursday, August 13, 2015

Ask Any Fisherman

Ask any fisherman and they'll tell you...if you use your best fishnets you never know what you'll catch!!!!


  1. Ok Kaaren, I have a serious question to ask! Do you prefer fishnets or sheer nylons on your spouse and on you?

    I think sheer nylons are so much sexier than fishnets! For a guy like me everything about the nylons is hotter. The feel on my hands, lisp or tongue. The feel as they rub my cock. And I can never forget the amazing scent, they help create on a warm summer day.

    A lot of people think fish nets are sexy because they are a little slutty. I'm telling you I'll take sheer nylons every time over fishnets!

    1. Truth be told I'll also take nylons every time for all the reasons you mentioned and there's nothing that feels so nice as a soft stocking sliding up your smooth shaved leg!!!

    2. I agree fishnets just don't feel sexy.. I love the feel of pantyhose and nylons.
      I have seen almost sheer pantyhose with a fishnet pattern or diamond shapes I. Do like them.