Thursday, August 27, 2015

So Casual

Mark seemed to enjoy taking "liberties" with my wife while I watched! I don't know if she told him, or if he just sensed my love of humiliation but he seemed to enjoy using his access to my wife to push me to the edge!!!!
We had been talking about the fine bottle of single malt Scotch he had brought with him, a personal favorite of mine, when he casually slipped her dress off of her shoulder and began to massage and caress her beautiful breast!!!
All the while, as she leaned back against him, as he ran his other hand over her face, as she licked his fingers, all the while....he smiled at me and kept eye contact with me till I submissively looked down!!!
Her low moans only intensified my humiliation as he enjoyed my wife's body right in front of me!!!
Somehow this was more humiliating than sucking his cock! More than watching them fuck!!! More than licking his cream from her afterwards!!!!
It was the way he used his alpha male privilege to take a woman in a way that I've never done before, can't do now and won't be able to in the future!!!
Watching a real man use my wife, the woman who dominated me so easily, watching him use her as he wanted, made me feel like so less of a man and so much more of a sissy!!!!

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