Sunday, August 16, 2015

Night Out

She and her sister came home late and they'd obviously had more than enough to drink! When they told him to do a striptease for them he did as they asked! When they told him to bring them a drink he did as they asked and when they told him to lie at their feet....well he did as they asked!
His wife contented herself with playing with his chastity cage while her sister made sure his tongue was on her feet all the time!!! He knew that her sister didn't like him and she'd probably forget this in the morning but, oh god he was so turned on by all this!!!!
If it wasn't for the cage he'd have cum all over those beautiful feet! He thought if they had been a little more sober that that's what might have happened!!!!

1 comment:

  1. Love it! I could really enjoy a night like this. I'd gladly get on the floor naked, and let two ladies or two sissies (wink wink) take me like this. The only thing missing in this clip is, nylons. Two ladies out drinking, and dancing in nylons, when they get home the treat they'd have for me would be AMAZING!!!