Tuesday, August 18, 2015

She Wanted

She wanted to fuck him so badly!!! She was so wet she was practically dripping!!! She wanted to feel his nice hard cock inside her, feel a real man fucking her!!!
But as she watched them, as she stroked his cock she realized she wanted to see him cum in her Sissy husbands mouth even more!!! She wanted to see his hot cum dripping from Sissy's lips and drooling down her chin!!!!
Yes she still wanted to fuck him but she could do that later.....


  1. I would of been happy to get to suck his big cock and swallow his load of delicious cum then after he fucked her I got to lick her sweet pussy clean yum

  2. Kaaren, I want to be in this position with you and Leeanne! You could take turns, switch positions, and I'd swallow both loads!