Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Nothing Like It

She loved to get her Sissy straight from the shower, sweet smelling and squeaky clean!!!! A nice orgasm to get her day started always left her in a good mood!!!! And Sissy could have the taste of her all day while she did her chores!!!!


  1. And they used to say that the perfect way to start the day was with bacon and eggs. How things have moved on since then - happily so!

  2. My dream to my Mistress. Love being in chastity the whole year.
    Also always dressed as her sissy.
    Her sister would own a rooming house for girls acting poorly. While she is out enjoying the money I had inherited and signed over to her.
    I would be tired in the basement of the home washing and ironing all the girls undies my hand and their clothes.
    I would work 6.5 days a week 16 hours a day.
    I would prepare her only the best foods and wine.
    I would eat blended mush made from cheapest expired food I could buy.