Friday, September 29, 2017


Yesterday I finished all my housework and started to prepare dinner....she said she was bringing a guest but she didn't tell me who it was.....but she wanted me in my formal maid uniform!!!
I checked the clock and saw I had plenty of time till she got home....I put a Beethoven CD on to play....the third symphony "Eroica", it's one of my favorites....and I turned it up have to listen to Beethoven loud!!!!
That's why I didn't hear her come in!!!
She scared the crap out of me when she tapped me on the shoulder....she had a woman with her....someone I've never met!!!
"Marie, this is my Sissy can call her Sissy or Kaaren as you please!"
"Lovely to meet you Sissy....what a cute outfit you're wearing!"
I was so embarrassed as I always am when I meet someone new!!!
"Thank you Ms.'s very nice to meet you."
"Oh aren't you the sweetest little thing....and such a cute bottom too!"
I was suddenly reminded of what I was glance at my wife told me everything I needed to know!
"Go upstairs Sissy and dress properly as I instructed you....then meet us in my den and we'll show Marie just how cute your bottom is after it's changed to bright pink!!!"
"Yes Ma'am!!!"
I knew not to argue even though she was going to humiliate me by spanking me in front of this complete stranger....I dreaded it....and I couldn't wait!!!!
Today I'm reminded of it all every time I sit down!!!!