Saturday, September 23, 2017

Saturday Matinee - Delta House

Dean Wormer was at his wits end!!!! What could he do to rein in those Deltas??? Their house was the animal house of the campus!!!!
He had tried to get rid of them through regular administrative channels but they had always been one step ahead of him!!!
He had reached the point of despair when help came from a very unexpected source!!!!
The research wing of the university had made a breakthrough....their mega-funded DNA research had allowed them to change a male chimpanzee into a female....they had hoped to use this to gain a new understanding into the biological nature of the two sexes!!!
The formula was secret, obviously, but it was available to the research team and to the college administrators and Dean Wormer saw its usefulness right away!
The Delta house ruffians had been surprised when the Dean showed up with a case of liquor as a "peace offering" but never wanting to look a gift horse in the mouth they all joined in to enjoy the free booze!!!!
Things have changed now at the Delta House....the lines of girls waiting to get into the wild parties were gone....replaced by the huge lines of college men and administrators waiting to get into the nightly parties now....and Dean Wormer couldn't do anything because all the Deltas were getting straight A's from their Professors now!!!!

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