Saturday, September 30, 2017

Saturday Matinee - A New Life

"Stop pouting honey, you'll love it here and it's a great opportunity too...."
"Yeah a great opportunity for you but I'm the man I should be the breadwinner...not you!"
"We've been over this one is hiring in your field right now....and with my new salary we can afford for you to stay at'll be a man of leisure while I toil away..."
"Maybe your new company might have an opening for me?"
"Well that may be but you'll have to let me get started before I try and bring my husband into the office...."
"I guess so...."
He was surprised when they pulled up in front of their new was huge!!!! She pushed a button on her new remote and one of the three garage doors swung open allowing her to pull their new Mercedes in.
Inside he marveled at the spacious interior....the fireplace...the chefs kitchen....the game room....upstairs there were four bedrooms.....all except one with a full bathroom!!!! She pointed out that one of these rooms was the servants room!!!!
"Servants room!!!!! How can we afford this!!!!! And the new car!!!! How much are they paying you???"
"You know I signed a non-disclosure agreement....I told you already that I can't discuss anything about my job!"
"Not even with me???"
"Not even with you Sweetie!"
He went to the car and carried in their suitcases...she had arranged for most of her things to be shipped ahead and he was amazed as she unpacked....her things completely filled both dressers and the entire closet in the master bedroom!!!
"I'm sorry Sweetie....but we have plenty of room why don't you put your things in the small room down at the end of the hall.....that way if we have guests you won't have to move anything!"
He couldn't argue with her logic and carried his cases to the small room....this must have been the maids room because the pastel pink walls certainly wouldn't have been appreciated by a male servant!!! When he opened the closet his guess was confirmed when he found several maids uniforms hanging there....very frilly and fancy too!
"Honey....there's some maids uniforms in here....what should we do with them?"
"Oh just push them out of the way Sweetie....the last girl must have forgotten them....I'll ask the personnel office to track her down so we can return them!"
He pushed the dresses aside.....they were so pretty......oh well...
Over the next few days they settled in and he began to notice all the neighbor women were was crazy.....each one was prettier than the last....and he hadn't seen any of the men except for the landscaping team that arrived on the street promptly at 8am and mowed the lawns and tended to the gardens at all the houses....even theirs!
"What's with the landscapers honey? How much does that cost us?"
"Nothing to worry about's all included with the house...."
On Monday morning she left for her new job and he was alone for the first time since they'd moved here....looking around he decided he should straighten up the house. he vacuumed and dusted and he was just about to start a load of laundry when the doorbell rang....
"Hi, my name's Debbie and I live across the street.....I wanted to welcome you to the neighborhood!"
"Hi Debbie, I'm Steve....I'm afraid my wife's not home right now...."
"Oh that's alright....I'm alone all day about a cup of coffee and we can get to know one another...."
"Well I'm not sure..."
"Oh look at're blushing!!!! I promise I won't take advantage of you Stevie!"
"It's Steve....of course...please come in I could use a break anyway!"
Over the next hour or so they chatted about where they had come from and the mysterious job up at the facility...
"Does your husband work up there too?"
"'s my wife that works there...."
"Your wife....oh....oh look I'm sorry I didn't know....I didn't mean any offense!!!"
"None taken Stevie!"
"Are you hungry Debbie,,,,I could whip us up something....."
"What do you have in the fridge Stevie?"
""It's Steve actually..."
"Oh I'm sorry Stevie,,,,I mean Steve...."
They decided to make bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwiches and gathered the ingredients as he put the griddle on to heat up!"
"Oh but Stevie....Steve the bacon grease will ruin your beautiful you have an apron?"
"No I guess I'll just have to be careful...."
"That's a shame....the girl that used to be here had lots of aprons....she wore one every day...."
"You mean the maid....yeah she left some stuff in a closet upstairs.....she might have an apron!"
"Oh....lets go see...."
She took his hand and led him through the house as if she lived there....without asking she walked right to the small pink bedroom and pushed his clothes aside.....she took one uniform off the hanger and it had a full apron that was positively dripping with lace....
"There this one will do!"
Before he knew it she had hung it around his neck and stepped around him to tie it behind his back...
"There that's perfect!"
He was flustered and more than a little embarrassed....
"Look this isn't what I had in mind when I...."
"Oh look!!!! You're blushing again....that's so cute Stevie!!!! Come on....I'm starving...let's eat!"
He shrugged....they went back to the kitchen and he made them a couple of sandwiches each!!!!
By the time he sat down to eat he had completely forgotten about the pretty apron...
They chatted some more as they cleaned up after....she was really easy to talk to....funny and friendly and kind of like...well she was fun...
After she left he continued with the housework and began preparing their took so much to take care of a big house like was no wonder the previous occupants had a maid!!!
Time flew by and before he knew it he heard her car pulling into the garage!!!
She smiled when she saw him come out of the kitchen to meet her....
"Oh my....don't you look nice!!!"
It was only then that he realized that he was still wearing the apron....
"I....uh....I was cooking and I didn't want to...."
She laughed....
"Stop....I understand....maybe next weekend we can get you some aprons of your own!"
"No I...uh....I don't need any aprons of my own....."
"Suit yourself....I guess the ones in your closet will do for now...."
"No that's....."
"What's cooking honey I'm starving!"
"I....uh...I made pasta and a green bean salad....I hope that's OK?"
"It sounds wonderful, and later you can tell me all about your day..."
Several weeks went by......his neighbor Debbie had become almost his constant companion from the moment his wife left till just before she returned home....
It was alright because Debbie had brought him her special blend of was delicious and positively addictive.....then one day....
"You know Stevie....instead of just wearing aprons to protect your clothes....why don't you just put on the maids one would need to know and your nice clothes would be neat and clean when your wife gets home!!!"
"Oh I couldn't do wouldn't be right...."
Suddenly his mind was racing.....putting on that uniform was all he wanted to do....
Debbie smiled and took him by the hand.....come on'll be fun....
And he went with her.....
They watched the monitors in the lab as he tried to walk in the 3 inch heels for the first time....with Debbie helping him,,,,keeping him in the line of sight so they could evaluate his progress....
"Do you think he's ready?'
"Not yet....but soon..." said his wife.
Several weeks passed as Debbie made sure that he wore a proper uniform from the delicate lace undies to his short black dress....and then one day when she came to the door he was already wearing it....
In the lab they looked at each other...
"He's ready!!!"
When the doorbell rang the next morning, instead of Debbie the landscaping crew was there....without a word they shot the dart into his neck and caught him as the fast acting tranquilizer did it's job....
When he woke he realized he must have slept in....oh my goodness look at the time!!!
Dressing as quickly as possible he remembered it was his market day....
He vaguely recognized her as she pushed her cart toward him....he wasn't sure....but he had a feeling....
As they drew close she looked up and smiled at him....
"Hi Stevie...."
"It's Stephanie actually...."

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