Saturday, September 9, 2017

Saturday Matinee - Abducted

When he saw the results he was filled with rage!!!!
"What have you done?!?! This is not what I wanted at all!!!"
"I know but the species had such delightful features, as I made changes I just seemed to lose track...."
"Where's the fur? Where's the ears? Dammit where's the cute tail?"
"I'll tell you what....I'll pay you for this one and you bring me another and I'll customize it for free.....however you'd like it.....extra big ears at no extra charge....."
" know I love those big ears....I like to wrap them around me and....."
"Ahem....yes I get the do we have a deal?"
"I guess so, I know just the place to look for another's matter how many of them I take they never seem to believe the witnesses....or the ones I reject and put back....."
"They are primitives aren't they.....but they're just perfect for transformations....their DNA double helix is really simple to manipulate!!!"
All the while Nelson slept.....his last memory was of a bright flash of light in the sky....with no idea of how his life had changed.....

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