Friday, September 15, 2017

Lost A Bet

"Are you sure that this is just because you lost a bet...I mean..." his young cousin Nora asked
"Nora!", her father interrupted, "He says he lost a bet so he lost a bet! No man would want to dress up like that! Let's not embarrass him any more!"
Young Nora said no more, but when no one was looking she slid her hand up under his dress and when she felt his hard little cock in those tight ruffled panties she knew the truth!!!
As she pulled her hand out she made eye contact with his wife who was smiling at her!
"We're making some bets on this weekends football games Nora....maybe you'd like to join us?"
"Oh yes! I think I'd like that very much!"
He wasn't sure if it was possible for him to blush more than he was right now!!!!

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