Saturday, September 2, 2017

Saturday Matinee - Secret Agent

So that was the Russian plan!!!! He had to get out of here tonight....he had to let the Allies know what those commies were up to before all of Europe was engulfed in another war!!!!
It was almost funny that he hadn't been discovered yet....the MI6 scientists had told him that the feminization formula was in the lipstick and that he needed to refresh it frequently....and as a bonus he had started to see signs of the formula working on that bastard Volkoff....he was the worst of them....Stalin junior they called him behind his far he had settled for....well just say he hadn't ventured further than those red lips!!!!
It had to be tonight for more than one reason....they had warned him about continued exposure to the formula and he had already noted serious changes in his body that he prayed were reversible!!!!
He would go tonight.....there would be several guards he'd have to pass and he might have to get on his knees a few times but it was a small price to pay to save the world from another conflagration....he would....suck it up as the Yanks said and hope that he hadn't already stayed undercover too long!!!!


  1. As usual, top notch stuff Kaaren! Can tell you have an affection for the old style pulp novels of the past.

    1. Thanks Dee!!!
      The old pulp covers are an almost endless source of ideas and some years back I bought a pile of mags and books, cartons of them, for $5 at a garage sale!!!!
      Thanks as always for the feedback on my trips to the Matinee....I'm glad you enjoy them!!!