Friday, September 1, 2017

No Dear...

"No Dear that just won't do...."
"We didn't bring you two here just to watch you lay there next to each other...."
"Not at all Sissy.....why don't you two start out with a nice kiss!!!!"
The two looked at each other in horror....their wives were really going to do this to them!!!!
"Yes a nice us some real sissy passion...."
"And then I want to watch you two make love!!!!"
The sissies looked at each other and then at the cages that held their little clittys so securely...
"But Darling....the cage...."
"Yes could we do that with these cages...."
They thought they had made a point....they actually thought their wives would relent....
"You two have to stop worrying about those useless little things...."
"That's right sissy have fingers don't you?"
"And lips and tongues?"
"So get busy...."
"Yes we want to watch the show!!!!"
Defeated the sissies turned to each other.....

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