Thursday, March 26, 2015

A New Toy

 "Kaaren I have to work late tonight but I got you something I know you'll enjoy to help you pass the time!"
"Oh that sounds interesting!!!! What did you get me? A new toy to play with I hope!!!"
"You could say that Sissy! Go to your Sissy bedroom and you'll find it waiting for you on the bed!"
"I can't wait! Thank you Sweetheart!!!"
I was thinking maybe that vibrating plug I had circled in the toy catalog! When I pushed open the door imagine my surprise!!!!
"Hi Kaaren, my name's Jenna and I'm very glad to meet you!"


  1. Jenna? Jenna! WTF! Kaaren! What the heck is going on here sweetie? Jenna? I'm about to burst into crocodile sissy tears.

    1. Oh sweet Leeanne Jenna is a diversion where you are the prize! If you were here right now I'd be on my knees crying tears of joy! I wouldn't be speaking of course because my mouth would be full!!!!

    2. Cute is nice but she's not even in your league sweetie!!!!!

  2. I think all three of you are just looking for spankings!