Friday, March 27, 2015

That Sick little Perv

Suzy couldn't believe it! This was the second time she came home early and found her little brother wearing her panties! This time he had her bra on too!!! She screamed at him as he pulled off her undies but she definitely noticed his rock hard cock as he ran out of the room!!!
That sick little perv, she thought, wait till I tell everybody that he likes wearing girls panties!!! Although he did look kind of cute....I wonder if other guys do that...
...her mind and hands were wandering...
....I wonder if Billy ever put om his sister's panties....I bet he'd look really cute....I wonder if he would put them on for me if I asked him to   oh my god that would be so hot...maybe a bra too! Oh my god I'm going to cum!!!!!
Her brother at the keyhole watching her was going to cum too!!!!


  1. How it begins for some wives who eventually feminize their husbands.

  2. Meeting a partner who enjoys feminizing you is every sissy's dream but alas, I've only met them in my fantasies