Sunday, March 15, 2015

Gloryhole - Sissy Training

A couple of hours at the local gloryhole will help your sissy develop his skills while you catch up on your reading! A perfect way for a couple to spend an afternoon!

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  1. Remember my sissy's first time in a glory hole. It was just outside the Oklahoma City area. We were visiting and I had asked the adult store clerk if it would "be ok to accompany my sissy in the booth." Yes I did use the "sissy" term to the clerk. His eyes got wide and said "sure it would." Once the door was closed I put red lipstick on him and placed a wig on his head, that I was carrying in my bag of tricks. The first cock came in of which was average size. I took it in my hand and held it to my sissy's lips. She took it in her mouth and gave it a good sucking. I reminded her that she had to make it cum and she didn't disappoint. A short cleaning up and then a second cock snaked its way through the hole. This one caught my eye because it was thick. I handled it a short while feeling the size and strenght behind the hardness. I pushed my sissy's mouth over it and she was excited about it as I was. She made love to that cock and swallowed every drop she could drain. That cock was still hard and a little more lipstick she was ready to go again. My sissy made me proud that day. On the way out the clerk thank us for stopping by. I could see a slight look of satisfaction on his face.