Tuesday, March 24, 2015

One Year Sissy

"Can you believe it Sissy? You've been in chastity for an entire year! I can't imagine how you feel!"
I feel desperate, I want to cum so badly I would do anything she asked! I thought that I'd be released by now!!!
"But you know Sissy, I want your first orgasm after all this time to be something special! I think it would be best if we wait for the weekend when we can make a little party to celebrate it!"
"No that's alright Sweetheart I don't want you to make a fuss...."
"Nonsense Sissy, you've made a real milestone and it deserves to be treated as the occasion that it is!!"
"But I really...."
"I know you really want to celebrate this with me...we'll make it Saturday...or maybe Sunday...what do you think Sissy Saturday or Sunday?"
"If those are my choices then I guess Saturday..."
"I'll have to check my calendar Sissy but surely no later than Sunday!!! Won't that be wonderful? We'll have so much fun!!!!"
"I guess...if you say so...it's only a couple of days more...."
"Great Sissy now I have a very busy day tomorrow but I think I have time for a quickie before bed!"

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