Thursday, March 26, 2015

What Were You Thinking

"Oh my god Sissy! What were you thinking!!!! Weren't my instructions clear enough?"
"I wasn't sure you were serious I mean...."
"Not serious!!!! You must be joking!!!!You have already earned a spanking you'll never forget and you're only making it worse!"
"OK maybe a little spanking will be fun...."
"This is not fun Sissy this is your life from now on!"
"Hairy legs....gross That's ten! Hairy crotch that's 15 more and oh my god you haven't even shaved your face.....that's 25 more!!!!"
" can't mean you're going to spank me 50 times!"
"No Sissy you're right...because once I add in your hairy arms and your...ugh....your hairy ass we're up to at least 100!!!!"

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