Sunday, March 29, 2015

One Year Plus

March 23, 2014 was the last time I had been released, the last time I had cum and enjoyed it!!! Sure there had been some milking over that time but that wasn't the same and to be honest was mostly for her amusement!
She offered me a quick release and I had taken her up on it! As I talked about on my other blog, the orgasm, while wonderful, somehow still wasn't what I had built it up to be!
However like a teenager I was hard again in no time and she pulled me close and kissed me!
"Thank you Sissy!"
"No sweetheart, I should be thanking you for all you do for me!"
My rock hard little clit was rubbing on her soft skin, I was close again already!
"No Sissy, thank you! Thank you for being a wonderful husband! Thank you for keeping house for us! Thank you for being respectful and giving, being a thoughtful and caring lover, being my best girlfriend and confidante! Thank you for allowing me to indulge my needs and fantasies! Thank you for being the love of my life!!!!""
I had tears in my eyes!!! Oh my god...she was thanking me!!!! This woman had saved me, loved me, indulged me, understood me, helped me, corrected me, provided for me and shown me a life that left me fulfilled as a person and as a sissy husband and still she thought she had to thank me for anything!
"You're very welcome Sweetheart, I only wish I could give you more!!!"
She was rubbing her soft belly against me as we kissed and the result was predictable!
"Thank you for cleaning that up too Sissy!" she smiled as I sank down to my knees to lick up my mess!
I couldn't possibly be happier!

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