Monday, September 3, 2018

Monday ManCandy - Holiday Edition

Labor Day already!!!! It seems like the summer just got here and now it's almost done!!!
But there's still time to enjoy the simple pleasures of the season before we kiss it goodbye.....
Breakfast at poolside is just one of the things you can still enjoy.....a heated pool you can use almost into November and a warm breakfast treat warming you inside as's just so perfect!!!!
ManCandy!!! A poolside favorite throughout the summer!!!!


  1. Also being in a 2 piece bikini all summer is a favorite

    1. I'm actually of two minds about this....
      I have a couple of really pretty bikinis....all sorts of ruffles and bows.....full cover on the bottom because I really don't care for the thongs all that much....
      But she also bought me a one piece that I love too....every time i stretch my arms it pulls up on my clitty.....I feel very girly in it and I like it very much.....
      She prefers the bikini because she likes easy access to my bottom but I think for the first time I have to disagree....that one piece is so nice and form fitting and shows everything and I think I look pretty in it!!!!
      I guess to each their own!!!!

  2. Uma delícia receber uma gozada e saborear