Saturday, September 15, 2018

Saturday Matinee - Memories

"Do you remember the first time we came here?"
"Oh yeah...we were so young then!!!"
"It looked just like it does now....maybe no one has been here since then?"
"'s really hard to find......."
"It was so hot that day remember?"
"Oh yeah.....remember we just tore our clothes off and jumped in...."
"Yes I you remember the tingling?"
"How could I forget it....and then when we climbed out....we were..."
"We were you remember the shock of it?"
"Oh you ever wish you were a boy again?"
"You mean give up being a girl....I've thought about it ....but I kind of prefer it this way...what about you?"
"All I can say is...that water changed me to a girl and I'm not sure if it would change me back if I jumped in again....I don't know how the magic works....but I have no intention of ever going in that water again ever....I love being a girl!"
"And I love how you taste as a girl!"
"Oh are so bad!!!"
"Am I....Why don't you lie back and let me show you how bad I can be!!!!"
"OK but let's move back a little from the water...."

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