Friday, September 7, 2018


"All you have to do Sissy is convince my boyfriend that I should let you cum....I'll leave the decision entirely up to him!!!"
I can't even begin to describe the ways I pleaded, bargained and just totally humiliated myself in front of this man I had just met....this man who had come here to fuck my wife...I promised him anything....I promised him everything.....
Later he pulled his glistening hard cock from my mouth, he took my wife right there....right in front of me.....then he smiled at me after I finished cleaning both of them....licking up every drop of their mixed juices.....he looked at my clitty, straining in it's cage.....I needed release so badly.....he looked at my wife and said....
"No I don't think he's earned it!!!"
"Quite looks like another three weeks then Sissy! What do you have to say?"
"Thank you Ma'am.....thank you Sir.....can I be of any further service to you?"

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