Saturday, September 1, 2018

Saturday Matinee - Reawakening

"It's so hard to believe....imagine being in stasis all those long was it again....over four hundred?"
"Four hundred and twenty eight years to be exact...."
"Amazing....and you're sure she's viable? So many of the Sleepers we've found over the years just age and crumble away as soon as we attempt to awaken them...."
"Yes she'll definitely survive the reawakening process....although ironically her survival is the result of a massive error occurring in the pod approximately two hundred years ago that changed everything....we're still not sure of how it happened or what triggered it but the nanobots were somehow spontaneously re-programmed...,we may never know why!!!!"
"But she looks fact the diagnostic tests say she is in perfect health....what was the error?"
"Some time, roughly two hundred years ago the nanobots began to fundamentally change the patient......when she went into stasis she was a male..."
"Oh so a gender change....that's nothing....I thought you meant something serious....I myself have spent years as a male and years as a female....I change from time to big deal!"
"Yes I understand all that obviously, but back when this person went into stasis gender re-assignment required barbaric surgery and there really wasn't a good way to change your mind if you wanted to go back....and the society he....she....came from still had issues with genders....they made you pick one and you were pretty much stuck with it whether you liked it or not...."
"I can't even imagine living like that.....imagine going through upper education without being able to switch whenever you felt a need...."
"Yes, it was a barbaric time that she lived in....but there's more to her than meets the eye....she is completely female now in every way....a fully functional....fertile female!"
"You mean she'd be able to conceive and give birth.....without the labs....without the machines!!!"
"That's exactly what I mean....for the first time in hundreds of years....humanity could possibly come to reproduce naturally will rock all the worlds!!!"
"And all thanks to an antiquated nanomachine error...but what about will she react to this?"
"It really doesn't's too important to the human race for us to worry about her feelings....she will be awakened and moved to a special breeding facility and she will be impregnated by the best genetic specimens in all the planets....from her we hope to derive a good supply of breeders....and eventually bring back the natural genetic diversity that has been lost all these many years....she will be pregnant for the rest of her child bearing life....and we hope that we can speed the gestation process by as much as ninety percent....and with our longevity drugs she may remain fertile for several hundred years.....after all we'll need the time....the fate of all humanity rests in the womb of this woman!!!!"
"I wonder if I took the time and switched back to a male if I might be allowed to participate?"
"It's a very long list already and it hasn't even been made public yet....but it wouldn't hurt to try....."
"Imagine what it's like....conception without the the old books they made it sound glorious!!!"
"Enough's time to wake him and welcome Mister Weinstein to his new life as the future mother of a new humanity!!!"

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