Thursday, September 6, 2018

The Summer is Almost Over

A quick glance told him that it was indeed starting to grow back!!!! That witch had promised him it would last all summer and he still had a couple of weeks till the Autumnal Equinox but it was already growing back!!!!
If he knew where to find her he'd complain that he wasn't getting the full summer....but the carnival had moved on and god only knew where they were now!!!!
And he had a date with Brad tonight and Brad was expecting to go all the way!!!!
Brad would not understand and if she told him the truth.....that he'd been dating Kaaren the school Sissy this whole summer.....heaven knows what he'd do!!!!
There was only one thing to do.....tell Brad she had her period....boys never questioned that.....and then offer him the nearest might work out OK for both of them!!!!


  1. How tragic that it is growing back!!!! With boobs like this and such a body what a waste to revert to a boy! Go and hunt for that carnival!

    1. Sweetie, I've been hunting for that carnival all my life!!!!