Saturday, September 29, 2018

Not My Favorite

I've said it before....putting my tongue in a man's ass is not my favorite thing to do!!!!
But he had a few things going for him.....
First he was shaved....everywhere.....I really like that....
Second he smelled really nice....I don't like the heavy colognes or aftershaves....I have asthma and heavy scents can be a trigger for me....and nothing ruins a sexy time more than one of you falling on the floor and gasping for air!!!! He was strictly an Ivory soap boy and I couldn't have been happier!!!!
Third and finally she told me that he squeaks when she does it....and I wanted to hear it!!!!
And I'll be damned.....he squeaked as soon as my tongue touched his tight little hole.....and he kept on was just the cutest thing ever!!!!!
I would have kept it up for the rest of the night but he was hard....iron hard...and when she mounted his big dick I gave him a last lick....and I swear they both squeaked!!!!

1 comment:

  1. I pictured how he squeaked, and I giggled (still am). :D