Saturday, September 8, 2018

Saturday Matinee - The Tale of The Body Thief

I still don't know how it was day I'm sitting on a park bench and a pretty girl joins me world turns upside down and inside out and suddenly I'm the pretty girl and she's me....I mean she's inside my mind was reeling as she leaned over and kissed my forehead and got up and walked away and stole my entire life!!!
I struggled for a few days but it's amazing what a pretty girl can get if she knows what she wants.....
In a few weeks I had gotten on my feet and in a few months I was starting to build a new life and I was having great success and serious fun!!!!
I woke one morning and untangled myself from the boy toy I had used to pleasure me last night....I felt a strange, strange urge to go.....
I walked to the bench....and had a seemed so long ago even though it had been less than eight months since I had been robbed of everything on this very bench....I was musing on this when I saw my old body walking toward me....
He grunted as he sat down.....I looked him over.....had I always had all that gray hair....that paunch....those wrinkles.....that wheezing cough?"
The woman in my body told me that she had finally decided that she had done me wrong and had come to switch back....she said she was sorry and would try to make amends to me somehow.....she went on and on....
Thankfully I spotted the police officer nearby and when I screamed for help he was there in a moment  and my old body was dragged away while I cried on the strong young officers shoulder.....and I could tell he appreciated holding me close!!!!
Switch back? All I would gain was millions of dollars and aches and pains that I had all but forgotten!!!!
Switch back.....why on earth would I ever do something as crazy as that!!!!


  1. What a lovely story! It's great!



    1. Thank you so much Christine!!! I love getting feedback on my Matinee posts....I usually put far more work into these than any of my's so nice to know someone enjoys them!!!!