Saturday, September 29, 2018

Saturday Matinee - Rescued

Roger studied the alien craft for years after the incident....he had a more detailed knowledge of their technology now!!!! Their grasp of chaotic quantum multi-dimensional physics was centuries ahead of where humanity was....but he had to decipher it...he just had to!!!
When the three men had first discovered the crashed ship they knew that it was a moment that would change civilization as they knew it.....the level of technology made even the most advanced AI that humanity had developed seem like tinker toys  in comparison!!!!
Much to their delight, they found that the ship's power supply remained active.....they had no idea how it worked but it was still functional and that meant that the drive instruments and computers were still "live" and accessible!!!!
The sensible thing would have been to announce their find and let the greatest minds in the world come to this wasteland and try to decipher or reverse engineer this marvel!!!
But they were giddy with the idea of the fame that awaited them and so they began to experiment....
Literally they were just pushing buttons to see what they would do....and suddenly there was a flash of light, almost blindingly bright, and Bill and Emory were gone!!!!
Roger toyed with the idea of claiming the find alone and enjoying the accolades and adulation all for himself....he would be the man that proved humanity was not alone in the would rock the world back on it's heels!!!!
But he knew his first loyalty was to his friends.....he had first thought that they had simply been disintegrated....but he couldn't find a logical reason why any race would have something murderous like that aboard an interstellar craft....he concluded that they had somehow activated some type of transportation system that had sent his friends....somewhere....

He spent years deciphering the alien tech as best as he could....their technology revolved very much around the chaos theory.....they seemed to have been able to choose the target from the almost infinite random  possibilities their technology offered them....

When he was finally ready, when he was finally confident that he could bring them back , he realized it had been seven years to the day since they had vanished....would they even still be alive?

He activated the scanner and it surveyed the almost infinite possibilities as he fed in data...and when he was sure he activated the device and slowly two people came into focus....

"Bill....Emory.....I've done it....welcome home!!!!!"
"Oh my god.....Roger is that you?"
"Yes!!!! I never gave up!!! I knew I could save you....but wait Bill where's Emory?"
"I'm here Bill....although I prefer to be called Monica now.....what have you done have to send us back...."
"The changed me....and being a woman all these years has changed me have to send us back...."
"But....I don't could it change you.....why do you have to go back?"
"Honestly Roger? What do you think we've been doing for seven years.....we have to go back to take care of the kids.....we named the first boy after you...."
"I don't know if I took me seven years to find you...."
"Nonsense Roger.....just hit that large purplish button.....that will reverse your last action...."
"Are you sure?"
"Yes Roger....we really need to go's beautiful there and you just never know who or what will drop by given the chaos drive...."
" know I only brought you back because I love you both...."
"We love you too Roger..."
He pushed the button and just before the flash he dove to them and when he opened his eyes he was somewhere else.....and when he looked down he realized that he wasn't a he anymore....
Monica laughed. Bill winked....he shrugged as they both wrapped him in their arms....that chaos stuff sure was unpredictable!!!!!

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