Friday, July 20, 2018

Center Of Attention

When she dressed him in all his pink frills and told him they were going to a party he was aghast!!!!
Surely everyone in the room would be drawn to him like moths to a flame....
He had no idea he wouldn't be the only Sissy there....
That sissy bitch....her uniform was so short everyone could see her ruffled panties with the little circular hole over her pussy and her split crotch in front displaying her shiny chastity surrounded by pretty pink bows!!!!
Just about every man and some of the women at the party had made use of that Sissy's holes while he had sat alone on the sofa...
He'd get time he'd ask her to dress him as the sluttiest sissy she could imagine....after all he had his pride!!!!!


  1. What a shame, I could put her to work

  2. I don't know, the taboo of being used as such a pretty, petticoated sissy is certainly more erotic than a plain old slut.

  3. I'm might be on board there with Sally, though being a slut could be fun too, I suppose!

    SO, this makes me wonder .. have you ever slipped in one of your OWN pictures here on the blog without telling us? If you haven't, would you do it to be cheeky or make it feel more dangerous?

    1. Yes....there is exactly one picture of me that I've posted some time over the face is not visible and I was punished by my wife for doing it.....her rule is that I may not post anything that might identify either of us or our home.....that one time almost led to the deletion of all my blogs and I promised I would never do it again!
      However she agreed that you couldn't identify me from the pic I used and so I was allowed to let it remain....
      Don't ask me which post it was as I am forbidden to say and she sometimes reads my silly little blogs and I would hate to make her angry enough that I would no longer be allowed to do this!!!!