Wednesday, July 25, 2018

It's What i've Been Thinking About

I know I post a lot of things here....some real....some fantasy....but...for real....this is what's been going through my mind lately!!!!
The thing is, although I post about sucking those big cocks....which I love....but I also really like sucking on the softies!!!!!
Feeling it so soft's so's not choking me and it's not so hard that she's going to take it away from me.....
So soft as it goes in my tongue going to work right away as I hear him catch his breath.....some get hard almost fast you can't even tell it's happening until he's suddenly blocking your airway!!!!
But I really like the ones that respond a little slower....the ones that let me take my time and enjoy sucking them.....that velvety head laying on my tongue as I swirl it around....getting to that spot,,,,you know that spot....just below the head....I used to know what it was called but I've forgotten....feeling him beginning to grow.....beginning to fill your mouth as you start really sucking him.....using your hands to fondle his balls.....moving away to lick and suck those dangling bits as your hand starts stroking him....taking him back in your mouth as he grows to full size.....oh what bliss....your tiny clit screaming for attention can't tear yourself away from this glorious thing that's filling your's become all you can think of.....both your hands....your lips locked so tight around the shaft as you pull him back and forth into're fucking him with your mouth.....drool leaks from your lips as you try to swallow him all....your tongue busy all the time....and then.....and then.....and then....
And then he pushes me away because he didn't come here for me.....he came here to fuck my wife.....and when he's done....when she tells me to clean him....I'll get to suck him again.....and taste his juices mixed with hers....and feel him as he gets soft again....and it will be enough for me.....
Well like I said.....this is what I've been thinking about lately....


  1. Kaaren,

    OMG, this post is GREAT! It's almost like you're in my head, or with me when I've sucked t-girls? I love the soft cock, and the great part about t-girls is they take a long time to get hard due to the hormones. I really struggle with the BIG cocks, and again t-girls tend to be smaller (also from hormones).

    But sticking with what you wrote, soft ones are wonderful playthings. I've taken a soft cock in my mouth, all the way up to and including ththe balls. I'm like you I gently fondle th balls while I'm licking and sucking the cock. Then when I move my focus to their balls, I like to lick down the sack and around the balls, all the way back to the asshole!

    Most ladies enjoy, getting their assholes licked as part of a blow job, and many times that will be the trigger that gets them hard. Once I get a girl hard I put laser focus on her cock! I keep it in my mouth and on my tongue until I get my creamy reward. I guess that is a difference between you and me, I get to enjoy the first explosion of cum in my mouth.

    I love being a subbie, and sucking girl cock. I get so much satisfaction when a lady holds my head tight, with her cock in my mouth, as she shoots stream after stream of girl cream!!! Thank you for getting inside my head.

    Joe D. Footsniffer

  2. That spot under the head of a cock is the frenulum, or frenum. It even sounds friendly.