Sunday, July 29, 2018

Sissy School - A Weekend Visit Home

"What the hell is this!!!!! Kaaren.....Leeanne!!!!! Stop that right now!!!!"
"Just another minute Honey...."
"Don't you "just a minute Honey" me Sissy! I can't believe this.....when I said it was OK for you to bring your roommate home for the weekend this was not what I had in mind!!!! I expected that I'd be the only one having any orgasms this weekend!!!!"
"Just another minute Honey...."
"You two go get your bags packed right now!!!! I'm calling the pink bus to collect you two sluts and I'm going to report this behavior to the Dean of Discipline at your school!!!!"
 "Just another minute Honey...."
"I said NOW.....get your Sissy asses moving!!!!"
"Oh!!!! OH YEAH NOW!!!!!"
"Oh my god you shameless sluts!!!!! Out now!!!!!"
"Yes Honey!!!!"
"Yes Ma'am, it's been a pleasure being here!"

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