Sunday, July 8, 2018

Sunday Morning

"Shhhh!!!! Stop laughing!!!! My poor sweet Sissy works so hard she deserves a treat!!!"
"But it's 4am...."
"I know....we have to hurry Sissy will be up soon!!!"
"C'mon lets go back to bed...."
"As soon as we finish here I promise!!!"
"But I really don't get it.....I mean is he actually going to eat this?"
"Are you kidding me....CJT is Sissy's all time favorite....he'll gobble it up....!"
"Cum and jelly on toast silly....Sissy loves it!!!!"
"If you say so....."
"Quiet....concentrate I still need one of the ingredients!!!"
"Coming right now Baby!!!!"
"Very nice.....I can't wait to see the smile on Sissy's face when he realizes I've made breakfast for him.....he deserves it though....he takes such good care of me!!!!"
"Whatever....let's go back to bed...."
"You go....I'll be along in a little while.....I want Sissy to enjoy this and he blushes so prettily when I watch her eat cum!!!"


  1. The perfect roommate - always "looking out" for me!

  2. "Wait...what do you think you're doing? We're in Devon."
    "So...SO!! You know perfectly well that it's only the Cornish that put their cream ON TOP of the jam."

    British Humour