Saturday, July 7, 2018

Saturday Matinee- The Spell

"I don't care what you say daughter of mine is going to walk around like're going to wear a bra and that's that!!!"
"But I'm not your daughter....I'm your husband and I'm a 40 year old man and I don't wear bras!!!!!"
"Don't give me any backtalk Missy!!!! Didn't I warn you about my Aunt's old Spell Book? Didn't I tell you to keep your nose out of it? Didn't I tell you nothing good ever came put of using the Dark Magick? Now look where you are!!!! I don't see a 40 year old man....I see a spoiled little girl who's this close to going over my knees for being a whiny little bitch!!!"
"I'm sorry, I was trying to play a joke on you.....I was just going to swap bodies with you for a harm know....kind of see how the other half lives kind of thing..."
"But I bet you didn't read the warnings did you? The book said after the invocation you'd swap with the first person you saw.....oh how could you have been so foolish?!?!?"
"I didn't even know Tina was home....I thought she was at school!"
"But she was home and now she's you and you're her and if you'd bothered to read the small note under the spell you'd know that the only way to reverse it is if both people agree to it!!!!"
"But I don't understand why she won't....why would she want to stay in my body?"
"She's enjoying the freedom of being an adult.....a married adult....I have to say the last few nights have been interesting..."
"You''re sleeping with her!!!!"
"Well with your body with her inside it.....and she's been quite enthusiastic about the whole thing.....quite enthusiastic! It's been a refreshing change of pace!!!"
"'re my should be sleeping with me!!!"
"Do you honestly think I would sleep with my own 15 year old daughter....that's just sick and against the law too!!!"
"Then why sleep with her at all....maybe if you didn't she'd agree to swap back!"
"Or maybe she'd just look elsewhere for her fun....and besides why should I be deprived,,,,,I'm not the one who screwed are!!!!"
"But I didn't mean to....."
"Well it's too late for that now isn't lets pick out some new bras and undies for you then we can get home!"
"But her drawers are filled with things for me to wear...."
"I will not have my husband wearing my daughters underwear....really what's wrong with you?"
"But I....."
"Hurry up! I have to get home and get dressed.....tonight your Daddy and I are going out to dinner and dancing and then we're going to stay in that new hotel downtown....the one with the waterbeds!"
"What about me?"
"You have a lot of homework to do!!!!"

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