Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Just a Few Minutes

"Just there Sissy, that's perfect, now smile!"
The flash was so bright it blinded me for a moment....long enough for her to open the car door....
"It's only six blocks to home Sissy, the walk will do you good...."
"Hurry Sissy....we'll be waiting for you!!!!"
And she drove off and left me here!!!!
Nothing else to do but start was only six blocks but if I wanted to avoid the well lighted business area that made it eight blocks and if I wanted to avoid the park where those nasty teens hung around that made it eleven blocks!!!!
But that wasn't what was worrying me.....what was worrying me was that she said "we'll be waiting"....who  else was waiting for me and what was she planning?
I have to give her credit....she knows how to build up anxiety and anticipation!!!!


  1. My wife did that to me a couple of times. Once after ballet class she made me walk home in a leotard and tights because she was angry with me. I also got a spanking when I got home. Another time I was in a mini skirt with stockings and heels and I had to walk 2 miles home from the store.

  2. Excellent Sissy Training