Wednesday, July 25, 2018

My Analyst Calls

When my Analyst called I knew even before I answered the phone that she needed me...
"Kaaren, I was wondering if you could fill in for my receptionist is the day I see men with big cocks and she's still a little sore from last week...."
"I'll be there as fast as I can Dr. Dee.....should I wear my nurse uniform?"
"Whatever you want Kaaren just hurry!"
"Yes Ma'am!!!"
I rushed right there and there was some chaos in the waiting room!
Who was next?
Where was their file?
Finally I got them back in order.
A new patient came in and I had to make a new file for him....
I got his name and all his insurance information and he filled out all the forms....then I asked him what his reason was for coming to see the Doctor....
"I have a problem with a fetish?"
"I see could you be more specific?"
"I like to have my cock's all I ever think about!!!"
I chuckled....
"I'm pretty sure that makes you just a normal man....."
"No, I like to have my cock sucked....but only by sissies dressed as nurses!!!"
"Well then Sir all I can say is that this is our lucky day.....the doctor will be with you shortly but I think I can help you right now!!!!"

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  1. I see she's very good at taking a patient's temperature! Wonder if she uses the rectal thermometer as well . . .